Want to become a true People mastermind?

Follow a course at our online training platform to bring your People & Culture knowledge to the next level.

Want to become a People mastermind?

People masterminds school is an online training platform that allows you to become a real People mastermind yourself and to nail your next People or Culture challenge.

  • Online courses that you can follow straight away at your convenience, and exclusive ones that are only limited available.
  • All courses developed by true People masterminds, based on their experiences and therefore packed with a bunch of practical examples.
  • All courses are fully online and we often follow up with live Q&A sessions with experts from the field.
  • All courses are affordable because we want to make sure that People masterminds school is accessible to everyone.

Keep an eye on this page, as we are working hard to bring you more online courses. Suggestions what you’d like to learn more about? Drop us a note via our contact form.

Online courses


An employment contract on just 1 page (in Dutch)

Create a mind-blowing experience with an employment contract on just one page. In this short, practical, and online training course, you’ll learn how to do this.