An employment contract on just 1 page (in Dutch)

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Why would you join this training course?

Do you ever wonder, as a People leader, HR business partner, Legal Counsel, or any other person involved in the People area, why your company’s employment contract is so terribly long and formal and doesn't fit your company culture at all?

Are you regularly getting questions from newbies about what something exactly means in the contract or are they sometimes hesitant to sign because the wording sounds so strict?

Or did you ever think to join a cool, informal company yourself, until you got your new employment contract under your nose? At least 8 pages with some very useful things in it, but also a lot of formal, ambiguous clauses you had to stick to?

Want to know how to do this differently and to create a clear yet mind-blowing employment contract for your (new) team members? Or can you just not yet imagine how this could ever work? Join us!


What you’ll learn?

We're going to explain to you clearly why a 1-page employment contract works so well and the steps you need to take to finally get to that one-pager.

  • You will understand why a contract on just one page has so much added value.
  • We discuss for whom such a contract is a good idea and for whom not.
  • We explain the step-by-step plan for creating a one-page employment contract.
  • You will gain insight into what should or shouldn’t be included in an employment contract.
  • We give you some tips and tricks to convince stakeholders to show guts and trust and go for this.
  • And we'll give you practical details to create a great look.


How does it work?

In several online modules, we take you through the process of creating an employment contract on one page. Throughout the program, you will find various roadmaps, checklists, and downloads that will support you in this process. To top it off, you'll find two recorded Q&A sessions with employment lawyer Daniel Maats from Bruggink & Van der Velden.


What if you completed this course?

After this course:

  • You can explain why a 1-page contract is a great idea.
  • You know for whom such a contract is a good fit and for whom it is not.
  • It will be clear to you which steps you have to take in this process.
  • You have a clear picture of what should be included in the contract and what not.
  • You know what you can do to convince, for example, the CEO and Legal team of your plan.
  • You can make sure that the contract not only looks great in terms of content but also in design.
  • You have access to reference and supporting materials, including two recorded Q&A session with employment lawyer Daniel Maats.